Manage & Consult Insurance Test Team
  • Develop and adjust test strategy,test plan,test scenario,test procedure and test result reports for SIT and UAT
  • Co-ordinate and liaison test activities with related parties including vendor,users and IT
  • Manage test issues and test progress including PMO and steering committee meeting participation
Application Maintenance Support
  • 8 x 5 2nd Line support for 15 applications to more than 100 offices around Thailand
  • Responsible for bug fix, features enhancement nd performance improvement
  • Co-ordinate and follow up with related parties e.g. user, SE,vendors and etc. via Remedy
  • Prepare monthly reports
  • Documentation
  • Java application
Develop check printing application
  • Develop application to monitor cash in-flow and out-flow during a given period including hedging process
  • Develop out bound call to monitor telesales performance
  • Query checks and reissue checks
  • Reconcile checks
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